Herbal Consultations

Herbal consultations are a time for us to go over your health concerns in depth and discuss ways that lifestyle changes and herbs may help you. During our consultation, we will look at where you are now with your health, consider specific or systemic issues you have identified, and take into account all of the good work that you are currently doing to support yourself, including any medications that you are taking. Next, we'll collaborate in order to determine herbal preparations, supplements, and lifestyle and nutrition changes that may work for you.

Please note that I am a practicing herbalist, prepared to accompany you to the best of my ability in a manner specific to your situation As in all aspects of life, there is not a "one-herb-fits-all" solution to restoring balance. We may only need to work together for a short while to obtain the desired outcome, or we may need to work together long term, tweaking our approach as we go. Regardless of the course that our relationship takes, it's important for me to get feedback from you about the way that interventions may have changed your experience. For this reason, the first follow-up consultation after our initial meeting will be free of charge. We will discuss this more at the time of the consultation, but the follow-up is a time that I answer any questions that arise, assess how the herbs and lifestyle changes are feeling and make any adjustments that may be indicated.

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What a Consultation Looks Like

Initial Intake: Our initial meeting will be held over the phone or over zoom (or in person once we are no longer in pandemic). You should put aside 25-60 minutes for the initial meeting. This is where we will discuss what you are interested in seeking support with.

Initial Report Document & Review: After our first meeting I will put together an "Initial Report Document" to address my initial thoughts and recommendations for you, be it herbal remedies, supplementation, diet / exercise changes, etc. Once this is complete, you will receive the document in your email, and we will schedule a second meeting ranging from 15-30 minutes for us to discuss the document. This also allows time for me to answer any follow up questions that may have surfaced after our last conversation, and vice versa.

Lastly, I will put together remedies/products that we have agreed upon in the second call. Any remedies that you request from me can either be picked up locally or mailed to you. *Herbs purchased from me will be charged at a seperate fee than the consultation.

After a month has passed, I encourage my clients to be in touch with me, free of charge, about how they are feeling so that we can make any modifications needed. If you feel strongly before the month is up that the herbs you are taking are not working or having an adverse effect, please be in contact with me, and we will work on re-formulating to better meet your needs. Again, being in touch with me about what is and is not working is free of charge and encouraged.

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These consultations are based on a sliding scale ranging from $75-$150 a session (Please note: a session includes two separate phone conversations, first our initial intake, followed by a review of the "Initial Report Document" outlining my recommendations and proposed plans). Thus, you will only be charged one time for the consultation from Initial Intake to Initial Report Document & Review.

I believe in the sliding scale principle because care should be accessible to everyone. Please pay what you are able, knowing that paying more allows for others who are unable to pay the same access to the same quality of care. No one will be turned away from a consultation for lack of ability to pay. If you have questions about where you fall on the sliding scale, feel free to use this article by herbalist Alexis J. Cunningfolk as a guide: http://www.wortsandcunning.com/blog/sliding-scale

If herbal formulas are suggested or requested, preparations will be made within a week after we meet. Any herbal preparations that I formulate for you will be discounted and charged separately from your consultation price. All clients receive tinctures at $5/oz and salves/other products at 20% off the current rate, unless otherwise specified.

There are many conditions that may be discussed during a consultation. Some common ones are:

  • Managing Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep Issues
  • Headaches
  • Allergies
  • Skin Issues like Eczema & Acne
  • Increasing immunity
  • Lessening Symptoms of Colds/Flus
  • Digestive Issues
  • Diet / Healthy Eating Support
  • Healing from Injuries
  • Painful Menstration and UTI's
  • And much more

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